"I am happiest when I’m behind my camera capturing all of the amazing things that go on in this world. What truly inspires me is finding out about interesting people and their stories. Photography can capture the beauty of locations, products and people, and freeze it in time."

Mike is a freelance photographer, born in rural Wales. His brother Andy, being a talented photographer, encouraged Mike to experiment with composition and light during his teens and early twenties. After gaining a degree in Geology, he moved to scenic Cornwall and became 2x British Kitesurf champion. As a professional kitesurfer and competitive Motocross racer he used his photographic knowledge to showcase his passions. During his time as a professional sportsman, in the extreme sports he excelled at, inevitably he would get injured from pushing the boundaries.

"Every time I'd get injured, I'd pick up a camera..............................and I used to get injured a lot!" - Mike Smith

Working with Sean Nolan, director of photography for Dragons Den and Top Gear, they produced ‘Fluid Edge’, one of the worlds first kitesurf instructional DVD’s. Individually, Mike has been working with the RPKA (Royal Airforce Powerkiting Association) coaching, photographing and filming all over the world, including Turkey, Morocco and Brazil. In recent years, Mike has worked with many companies including Maverick Race, Daddy Funk Drums and Side Rock Cycles to produce some world-class images.

Passionate doesn’t come close to Mikes approach to photography; from pre-production through to late nights editing, he has a true talent of capturing your story from a unique and exciting perspective.



These principles are not new, they are not original but I live by them and they have helped me get to where I am today. I have made many mistakes, I will continue to do so, but in the process, I will learn and produce some spectacular results, that I am proud of.

1. Where focus goes energy flows - Whatever you pay attention to, you will get better at. I have been focussed on photography and creative film for over 15 years and I am still learning every day. The only way to get better, is to practice your art, and focus your attention.

2. The principle of the slight edge - Do something everyday. Little efforts prolonged over a large period of time will create amazing results and this is how I live my life, unless I have a looming deadline! I practive my art everyday, even if it is composing a beautiful sunset with my iPhone, I am still learning. Whether it's something about composition, light, colours or textures or the subject itself, I always look to learn something new.

3. The Pareto Principle - Also known as the 80/20 rule. You'll get 80% of your pleasure from 20% of what you do. You'll get 80% of your income from 20% of your work, but this still doesn't mean you can just do the 20%. Work hard, learn hard, understate and over deliver.

4. If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten - When I was learning a trick in kitesurfing, I sometimes fell foul to this rule, but that one time where I did something different, and it clicked, that was when I learned something new. It's easy to fall into the same old routine, it's more of a challenge to think outside the box......but this is when truely extrodinary things can happen.

5. Your images are right infront of your nose - I take photographs of everything, I am excited and intruiged by everything, I put myself infront of interesting things and make sure I have a camera in my hands when I do. If you're not concentrating, you could miss what's right there.


Our planet earth has been around for about 4.54 billion years.....give or take a few days and the average human is on this planet for 0.000000015% of that time. The only way to become immortal is to get in as many photographs as humanly possible and become a part of history.

My philosophy on photography is to get in front of as many interesting things as possible. This way, you will visit many amazing places, meet many fantastic people and photograph some outstanding things. Everything is unique, everything is interesting and everything has it's place in our history.

We get one chance, one go at life; we make mistakes, we dust ourselves off and we keep going. Photography makes those fleeting moments last more than a lifetime.....IF there is a photographer there to capture the moment.

I believe in getting in and capturing those moments.

Let me capture your moments.


What People say

Here are a few words from previous and current customers.

«There is a dynamism and energy to Mike's photography that is evocative and powerfully captures the moment.»

«Mike has a great creative eye but also he has never failed to deliver to a high standard and on schedule. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.»

«Working together on a big project for SRC, we have been very happy with Mike's professionalism and personal touch. We will definitely use him again.»

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