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Photographing Kids
February 28, 2017 by Mike Smith In Events, People, Photography 0 Comments

Every now and then, I get asked to photograph kids; whether it be doing sports, at school or playing it’s always a major challenge but lots of fun! Kids wear their...

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Abu Dhabi – An Afternoon In The City
February 19, 2017 by Mike Smith In Architecture, City 0 Comments

Over the past few months, I have been moving house, moving country and restarting my business. On top of this, I have been doing “in-house” work for...

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The Supermoon 2016 – Dubai
November 15, 2016 by Mike Smith In Events, Nature 6 Comments

  Photographing the moon is pretty straight forward; all you need is a long (very long) lens, a tripod and of course a camera. The moon also is pretty bright,...

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Daddy Funk – THE drum teacher to have in Birmingham!
November 14, 2016 by Mike Smith In People 2 Comments

As well as photography, I make short films and promos. My UK based company (Boxhead Media) is where all of my films live, as well as on my vimeo page. You can also...

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Sam Light and Slingshot
November 14, 2016 by Mike Smith In People, Sports 0 Comments

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of traveling down to Cornwall to shoot some photographs with Sam Light and Slingshot. I love shooting kitesurfers. With a long...

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Maverick Race
November 10, 2016 by Mike Smith In Events, People, Sports 2 Comments

Over the summer I was lucky enough to be the Maverick Race official photographer. Initially, I thought this would be a relatively straight forward...

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