Sam Light and Slingshot

November 14, 2016 by Mike Smith in People Sports 0 comments
Sam Light and Slingshot

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of traveling down to Cornwall to shoot some photographs with Sam Light and Slingshot. I love shooting kitesurfers. With a long lens and a canon 7D, you can get some great shots getting the camera onto fully automatic! Although it eats up memory cards like nothing else!!

The weather in the UK can be quite fickle at the best of times. When a shoot depends on the weather, you have to be extremely lucky, or persistent until you get the right conditions. We ended up being lucky as we didn’t have time to wait for the perfect conditions……………..although the wind could have been a little stronger!

Sam needed some shots for a video project he was working on with Patrick Wieland, so Rich Lane from Slingshot UK got in touch and got me along for the day. The wind forecast was a little bit touch and go on the Sunday we were heading down, and after many calls and texts, we decided on Hawkers Cove, near Padstow. It took a while for the wind to build, but by 10am it was blowing. Sam, Rich and Ben headed out on the new 2017 slingshot kites, Patrick got the drone up and I started shooting from the beach. The sun kept on coming and going which hindered the shoot a little, but Sam was on the water and riding.

Throughout the day, we got a tonne of shots. Sam was pretty knackered as he was at the annualĀ  kitesurfing awards ceremony and had driven all night to get down to Cornwall, but for the conditions and the time we had, we got some cool shots. It’s not the Caribbean, but it’s the UK, real and RAW!

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