Photographing Kids
February 28, 2017 by Mike Smith in Events, People, Photography 0 Comments

Every now and then, I get asked to photograph kids; whether it be doing sports, at school or playing it’s always a major challenge but lots of fun! Kids wear their feelings on the outside and this makes them brilliant subjects. With a little goading, you can get them to pull the most brilliant faces and they in turn will have lots of fun in the process, and when they interact with each other or adults, that’s when they can pull some truly unique expressions! Last week I was asked along to one of the local schools to take some photographs for their website. The job was to take photographs of everything going on throughout the day. From kids working, playing and getting involved in sports to the facilities they have at the school, it was a major challenge. Someone said never work with animals and kids……I say if you want to better your craft, always work with animals and kids! It makes all of the other jobs so much easier…..unless you’re a wedding photographer……. I had the challenge of mixed lighting, skylights, and tungsten lights mixed with daylight fluorescents and big windows letting in lots of daylight. So in […]

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Abu Dhabi – An Afternoon In The City
February 19, 2017 by Mike Smith in Architecture, City 0 Comments

Over the past few months, I have been moving house, moving country and restarting my business. On top of this, I have been doing “in-house” work for companies and finishing off jobs that I started in the UK. It’s been busy and two months have flown by, but this weekend we got to travel to Abu Dhabi to the Emirates Palace and the Grand Mosque.   Even though the weather was rubbish, I was looking to get a few good pictures. We started with the Emirates Palace, which is a huge building with amazing grounds surrounding it. The building exudes luxury and quality and the lobby (if you can call it that) goes on and on, with plenty to explore even if you’re not staying there. As it was grey outside, we didn’t really venture that way. We stayed inside, had some coffee and took some photographs of the interior. There were some amazing designs to be seen all around and this is what I concentrated on photographing. The way I see it, photography is a learned skill. The more you do it, the better you get. So projects and trips like this enable you to flex that muscle…….or dust […]

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Daddy Funk – THE drum teacher to have in Birmingham!
November 14, 2016 by Mike Smith in People 2 Comments

As well as photography, I make short films and promos. My UK based company (Boxhead Media) is where all of my films live, as well as on my vimeo page. You can also click on the image above to see Daddy Funk’s promo video! Over the last year, I’ve been filming a lot with Daddy Funk (a.k.a. Simon Greenhill). Whenever, I shoot a film, I always try to get my stills camera out and get some behind the scenes shots to use and some action shots whilst we’ve got the lights up! With Simon, we did just that and he performed magnificently! Simon is a great drum teacher and really is a guru in the industry. He has so many endorsements (Istanbul Agop Cymbals & Los Cabos Drumsticks, in association with BR Distribution in the UK), and so much talent that if you want a drum teacher and you live in Birmingham, he’s the man to see. In January 2016, we filmed a promo video together. This showcased his talents and highlighted his skills as a drummer and a teacher. Click here for the video. In September, we filmed his teachings which will be spread out over several different videos. […]

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