Photographing Kids
February 28, 2017 by Mike Smith in Events, People, Photography 0 Comments

Every now and then, I get asked to photograph kids; whether it be doing sports, at school or playing it’s always a major challenge but lots of fun! Kids wear their feelings on the outside and this makes them brilliant subjects. With a little goading, you can get them to pull the most brilliant faces and they in turn will have lots of fun in the process, and when they interact with each other or adults, that’s when they can pull some truly unique expressions! Last week I was asked along to one of the local schools to take some photographs for their website. The job was to take photographs of everything going on throughout the day. From kids working, playing and getting involved in sports to the facilities they have at the school, it was a major challenge. Someone said never work with animals and kids……I say if you want to better your craft, always work with animals and kids! It makes all of the other jobs so much easier…..unless you’re a wedding photographer……. I had the challenge of mixed lighting, skylights, and tungsten lights mixed with daylight fluorescents and big windows letting in lots of daylight. So in […]

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The Supermoon 2016 – Dubai
November 15, 2016 by Mike Smith in Events, Nature 6 Comments

  Photographing the moon is pretty straight forward; all you need is a long (very long) lens, a tripod and of course a camera. The moon also is pretty bright, so to get the best exposure, your shutter speed has to be a lot faster than you think. As well as this, if you don’t have a huge telephoto lens, it’s worth getting a point of interest in the shot, to give it an environment to sit in. After a bit of research, I found there would be a few different places to get some good shots of the moon as it rose from the horizon, from Mushrif Park to The Palm. As I only had the canon 70-200mm I figured it would be best to head out to the Palm and get the iconic Burj Al Arab with the moon. I use an app called moonseeker to work out where it is going to rise at. I normally find this to be ok, but this time it seemed to freak out and not give me an accurate location to shoot from. (Next time, I’m taking a compass). Tip: With a compass and the Moonseeker app, you will be able […]

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